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Space-Grade Air Sanitizer

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Alcor is a UV-C-powered air sanitizer designed to clear enclosed environments from pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and smog and perform air analysis.

The device captures the air from the environment, forces it through a path where it is irradiated with UV-C light, and then released the sanitized airflow back into the environment. 


The radiation, emitted by the LED, is shielded and concentrated inwards to avoid leakage, enabling Alcor to purify the air of an enclosed environment without health risks connected to the exposure to ultraviolet light.

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Why is Alcor different?


Alcor is a smart home device that revolutionizes the world of sanitization and disinfection of air and surfaces in apartments, offices, schools, in all commercial activities.


Alcor removes at its base any air contaminant like viruses and bacteria with an effectiveness of up to 99.9%, analyzing indoor air quality and making a continuous assessment of indoor environmental health.


Based on a recently patented LED technology, Alcor is portable and lightweight.


Alcor disinfects the air and environment safely, with no odors and with no risk to anyone within the environment.

Moreover Alcor


Reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria


Reduces smog and air pollution


Improve respiratory functions


Eliminates airborne dust


Reduces the likelihood of indoor migraines


Eliminates odors

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Alcor and the Collaboration with the Mars Society

Alcor is intended to be used in environments for long-term space missions, like space stations, and Mars and Moon bases.


The first test of this scenario is SMOPS (space medicine operations), a two-week mission where analog astronauts will test technologies and operations related to the use of space medicine on Mars to assess and mitigate any possible health emergency throughout a long-term stay.

Alcor will initially be installed at the Mars Base in Utah to help improve crew health and wellbeing and to prepare the technology for its future use in missions beyond Earth Orbit.


During the simulation, Alcor’s efficacy will be evaluated and recorded using sophisticated metering tools.

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